Sunday, April 26, 2009

Toby and Dozur

When Cris and I started meeting our neighbors we also met their dogs. Seems like everyone on our street has at least one dog. Amanda has Bandit and Smokey, a jack Russel terrier and a miniature dachshund, Katy has Dozur, a 6 month old German Shepard/Husky mix. And when our friends come over to hang out their dogs come with them and when we go over to their houses we bring Toby with us. Dozur and Toby are the exact same age and most of the dogs are older, so they have bonded quit quickly and love to see each other everyday! They are hilarious together, they even share the food bowl without growling or anything. Their battle buddies! And everyday is a play day for these two trouble makers, lol!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

So Cris and I finally got our household good!! yayay! lol, and i was sooo excited until the movers left and i started looking around at how much crap we had!!! I DIDNT EVEN KNOW I OWNED THAT MUCH STUFF!! lol!

And you definitely dont want to even know what the upstairs looked like! haha, but cris and i are getting everything unpacked and as soon as everything is done we will take more pictures or the finished product.

Im really glad our stuff is finally here, cause its really starting to feel like 'home' to me. And our house is filling up almost daily it seems like lol! Im really starting to love it here. :]

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Boxes!! :]

This was Toby's first Easter! And thanks to my mom, he had a great day!

He had lots of little goodies in his Easter basket!

<------ And this rough looking guy here is Ducky, Toby's easter gift from my mom ( his Nanie, lol ) and his new favorite toy/obsession! He carries it around, plays by himself with it, plays tug-o-war with it, fetches it (...sometimes), and even sleeps with it. I took this picture only about 30 mintues after he got it... and he already tore it up, lol! And Cris and I got more plates (yay!!) and some of mama's homemade chocolate chip cookies! They were kind of crushed from the apparently rough ride in the mail from Texas to Alaska but they were still very very good! Thank you so much for the easter boxes, Mom! We all appreciate it very much... especially Toby haha!

And this is one of Toby's new easter outfit, lol!------->

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The house is starting to come together <3


And boy it wasn't easy getting the bigger one in... we actually had to take our front door off the hinges and put it in the kitchen for the moment... hahaha!!

And then squeeze the big couch through the front entry way, and then through the kitchen and dinning room! Thankfully our friends/good neighbor, Bruce, came over to help :]

And as soon as they got it in, Cris tested it out too see how comfy it was. lol!!

And here is our new TV... (with cable :])! the TV stand belongs to Barbie and Bruce, they are just letting us borrow it til we buy a new one!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today, Cris, Toby and I all experience something we have never experienced before. Around 12 today, there was an easthquake about 20 miles outside of anchorage, and our house shook hardcore and it felt like a car ran into the side of our house but the ground was shaking too... the werid part it that it only last literally for 2 mintues. Totally crazy, right?!?!! But right after that the day went on like normal. Something that really sucks that you have to do living on base is clean you parking spot... and that means to chip and scoot the two inches of pure ice that built up through winter.... gay!!! And my arms are sore.. thankfully our neighbors, Barbie and Bruce came over to help. :)

Cris also had his second physical therapy and was pretty sore afterwards, but he's doing good, and his knee is getting better :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yesterday, I had to go to target to get milk and take back some sheets that Cris and I got that weren't the right color. And since petco was just across the street i decided to take Toby with me, lol! Boy was he excited... he didn't where we were going but he was excited to go! Haha! So he after I got out of target I took him into Petco. He was so funny, he was so happy and smelling everything (and everyone) and picking things up and carry them around and playing with the other puppies we saw there. So I had to get him something... the picture explains it all. Hahahaha!

He was one HAPPY puppy! :]

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last night I was very proud of myself! I made quesadillas for the first time!! And they were actually really good!!! haha! I surprised Cris... well i cant take ALL the credit... i called my daddy first before i started to make sure i knew what i was doing. Haha, and the first one i actually burnt pretty bad, but after the first on i was on a roll!! haha! ( Thanks daddy :] )
It was pretty easy too, all you need is flour tortillas, butter, and shredded cheese of your choice and basically make it like you would make grilled cheese sandwhiches... now if you dont know how to make grilled cheese sandwhiches i wouldnt advise making quesdillas until you know how to make grilled cheese sandwhiches. Haha, jk! Next time I'm going to buy some shredded beef and try to make beef and cheese quesadillas! Wow... i should write a cook book called... "Cooking made Easy for the Young and Dumb" hahaha!

TA-DA!! :]

Oh, and this morning i made pancakes!! lol. Surprisingly i actually am starting to like cooking... its better than eating PB&J's and Ramen everyday. lol!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Day at the Hospital

Cris had his stitches out today from his surgery. He was kind of nervous at first, but it actually didn't hurt at all... until we went to his physical therapy appointment. That was pretty painful for Cris, and the most nerve racking part was that was just the evaluation! Well, looks like we are gonna have a few days of pain for Cris. He will be okay though, I'm going to take really good care of him, lol! We were at the most pretty much all day doing stuff for Cris and getting his appointments in line and everything. He's going to be going to therapy once a week for the next few months, but he's really looking forward to getting better.

And tomorrow I have a job interview at PacSun, so wish me luck!

Cris, Sam and Toby :)

We got our Care Packages! YAY!

Today I got to sleep in pretty late, lol, and who doesn't love to sleep in? When I woke up, Cris was downstairs on the computer playing his favorite online game... W.O.W. Personally, I think it's a pretty awesome game myself. I like to play too, lol!

Then we went to lunch with our friends, Barbie and Bruce. Since Bruce had to go back to work right after lunch, Barbie went to the mall with us. We had to go get new phone chargers... because Toby ate our other ones. I wonder what the vet is gonna see if he takes an x-ray of Toby's stomache... haha, he would probably see some antlers from his first and favorite squeaky toy that use to be a moose but now looks like a mole. And parts of mine and Cris's phone chargers! Haha!... Anyway, after that we came back home and Barbie and I went grocery shopping... DUN DUN DUN DUUUNNNN! haha! I ended up almost walking out with half of what the entire PX had! Ok, not really but I ended up getting alot of stuff!

But the most exciting part of the day was that Cris, Toby and I got my moms care packages!! YAY! LOL! Toby loves everything my mom sent him... especially the bones... we gave him one and he's had it in his mouth pratically all day! He tries to hide it too... haha, he buried it in the laundry and was trying to hide it behind doors too! Then a few mintues later he would go get it and chew on it some more. Haha! And in mine and Cris's box we got kitchen stuff!! We got the coolest looking red and black plates and cups and bowls! We absolutely love them! (Thanks Mama! We love you!)

Well, Cris and I just got done watching Bolt... love that movie lol! And we are getting ready to head off to bed. I have a surprise breakfast for him tommrow! lol I can't wait!

love, Sam

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Day a the Park with Toby :)

Today, Cris and I decided to take Toby to this park that's at the end of our street. Since it hadn't snowed since early that morning and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky, the sun was out and even some of the ice on the roads and sidewalks was starting to melt! And it really wasn't too cold outside. The park was pretty much an open field and a little playground in the middle of a forrest with a fitness trail that goes around the field in the mist of the trees. It's a perfect place to take an energetic 5 month old puppy! He jumped and ran and rolled in and through the snow, even though it came all the way up to his belly! lol! I think thats the husky part of him that loves being in the snow. We tired him out, as soon as we got home he flopped on the floor and fell right to sleep. As he was sleeping Cris and I went over to our neighbors house and played a few board games before coming home to go to sleep ourselves.

Toby LOVES playing fetch and playing in the snow!

I had alot of fun too! :)