Tuesday, June 23, 2009

normal day

so recently the dogs.... ate.... my camera.... so there wont be any new pictures for a little while, sorry ya'll. but its ok.

Recently, Cris and I both have been sick for about a week now. slowly but surely we are starting to get over whatever it is we have. The puppies have been excellent entertainment since we've been sick. Lizzie is just as full of personality as Toby is. Everyone absolutely loves Lizzie. She is quite the beast i must say. She already dominates him, lol.

Well i got to go clean the house then take toby for a walk. later!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ready to Get Moving!

So, the day before yesterday Cris and I decided to expand our family by 2 pounds and got ourselves a pitbull-beagle mix 6 week little girl. And she's just wonderful and so smart. Now that Cris and I have a pretty good sized family it's time to start getting down to business and get my business going. I've already got a few designs in mind, just gotta get them printed and on the internet. :)

wish me luck!

Monday, June 8, 2009


So, today cris and I were on craigs list and couldnt help but we got a new puppy today! haha, we had been looking for a puppy for toby to play and I had been searching for months and finally we found some that hadn't all been claimed yet. She is 6 weeks old and is a pitbull/beagle mix.

So it is my pleasure to introduce you to...
Lizzie Lisenby.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

not alot going on right now.

So, it's been a little while since i've updated my blog. But there really isn't too much to write about. I finally have a new job at the military clothing store on base making $10 an hour, and i only have 2 days off a week. And I am slowly but surely starting to get things ready for my newborn business. Cris has been doing alot more in physical therapy so he is getting better, and all the leg muscles are getting strong again. Toby, has just been... Toby. Well he gives me something to write about now that i think about it. One day, Cris and I went grocery shopping and we have been leaving Toby out while we are gone because he has been getting better about not chewing on things. Well i went to work and when Cris got home, somehow, Toby knocked over our decorative tree and ate most of the leaves off of it and chewed up the branches. Yea. And about a week ago, he ate the heels off of my lepoard print $80 shoes, 9 MORE pairs of my underwear, another bra, his tennis ball, and parts of the basket our decorative tree sits in. He is truthfully and honestly the black husky mix version of Marley off of Marley and me. If you haven't seen that movie, you would have to watch it to understand how surprised Cris and I are that Toby hasn't chocked to death on something or has died from some stomache problem. We took him to a vet just in case and the vet said he's a very very happy and healthy puppy. We don't really understand how but we are happy he is healthy. Here let's recap EVERYTHING this 7 month old puppy has eaten...

- 1 decrative tree
- 11 pairs of my underwear
- 5 candles
- 2 bras
- 1 tennis ball
- 3 cell phone chargers
- 1 of Cris's METAL brace for his knee (don't know where the metal pieces went)
- 3 pads from Cris Army helmet
- 2 pairs of jeans
- 2 leashes
- 2 cell phone covers
- 1 of our neighbors cigarette butts from outside
- 1 FULL loaf of bread
- 1 empty bag of cereal
- 1 ball cap
- 1 pair of $80 high heels
- 1 of cris's shoe laces off of his tennis shoes
- And tries to eat the vacuum cleaner??

which is a total of: 38 things (not including the vacuum cleaner)
but who couldnt love a face like this...

Cris and I love him to death and wouldn't give him up for anything. He is Mr. Personality and knows exactly when to put on that little puppy face.