Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Boxes!! :]

This was Toby's first Easter! And thanks to my mom, he had a great day!

He had lots of little goodies in his Easter basket!

<------ And this rough looking guy here is Ducky, Toby's easter gift from my mom ( his Nanie, lol ) and his new favorite toy/obsession! He carries it around, plays by himself with it, plays tug-o-war with it, fetches it (...sometimes), and even sleeps with it. I took this picture only about 30 mintues after he got it... and he already tore it up, lol! And Cris and I got more plates (yay!!) and some of mama's homemade chocolate chip cookies! They were kind of crushed from the apparently rough ride in the mail from Texas to Alaska but they were still very very good! Thank you so much for the easter boxes, Mom! We all appreciate it very much... especially Toby haha!

And this is one of Toby's new easter outfit, lol!------->