Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Stinky Morning

This morning was a stinky morning.... literally...

Apparently, when I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom... I forgot to close our bedroom door... to keep Toby, my 5 month old puppy, in one room for the night...

This morning we find that he had eaten Cris's, my husband, phone charger.... and everything in the trash and part of Cris's brace for his leg. And something he ate last night gave him diarrhea, he pooped two times in the dinning room and once in the living room. We were so mad! But there wasn't anything we could really do except clean it up. But Toby has been good so far throughout the day... I just have to remember to close the door at night. lol! Having this puppy is starting to make me feel like we are learning more from him than he is from us! lol!

Well other than that, today has been pretty normal. Cris and I might call some of our friends and see if they want to go to the movies with us tonight... but it depends on how I'm feeling... I'm kinda starting to feel a little under the weather. If not Cris downloaded some new movies so we just might camp out on our living room floor with Toby and watch some movies here.

Well Cris and I have to go to the mall now to buy him a new charger.. since Toby ate his, lol!

Love, Sam