Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today, Cris, Toby and I all experience something we have never experienced before. Around 12 today, there was an easthquake about 20 miles outside of anchorage, and our house shook hardcore and it felt like a car ran into the side of our house but the ground was shaking too... the werid part it that it only last literally for 2 mintues. Totally crazy, right?!?!! But right after that the day went on like normal. Something that really sucks that you have to do living on base is clean you parking spot... and that means to chip and scoot the two inches of pure ice that built up through winter.... gay!!! And my arms are sore.. thankfully our neighbors, Barbie and Bruce came over to help. :)

Cris also had his second physical therapy and was pretty sore afterwards, but he's doing good, and his knee is getting better :)