Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last night I was very proud of myself! I made quesadillas for the first time!! And they were actually really good!!! haha! I surprised Cris... well i cant take ALL the credit... i called my daddy first before i started to make sure i knew what i was doing. Haha, and the first one i actually burnt pretty bad, but after the first on i was on a roll!! haha! ( Thanks daddy :] )
It was pretty easy too, all you need is flour tortillas, butter, and shredded cheese of your choice and basically make it like you would make grilled cheese sandwhiches... now if you dont know how to make grilled cheese sandwhiches i wouldnt advise making quesdillas until you know how to make grilled cheese sandwhiches. Haha, jk! Next time I'm going to buy some shredded beef and try to make beef and cheese quesadillas! Wow... i should write a cook book called... "Cooking made Easy for the Young and Dumb" hahaha!

TA-DA!! :]

Oh, and this morning i made pancakes!! lol. Surprisingly i actually am starting to like cooking... its better than eating PB&J's and Ramen everyday. lol!