Saturday, March 28, 2009

Me and my husband, Cris, have been married for 3 months now, we dated for about four years. We are highschool-sweethearts! Cris is a solider in the Army and is Infantry. Basic Training was a true test on our relationship... Thankfully we past, lol! We use to live in Texas, but we now live in Anchorage, Alaska on Fort Richardson Army Base. We now have a house, a 5 month old puppy named Toby and not very much stuff to put in the house, lol! Being newlyweds has been very exciting, but moving from Little Elm, Texas to Fort Richardson, Alaska was almost like entering a completely different world! And Alaska is actually considered "across seas" and up here, people call all the other states "the lower forty-eight". Cris and I are loving it though. We may be far away from family and long-time friends, but being away from everything we know helped us learn more about the world and each other. Our life has been very interesting, and completely unpredictable. Especially with Cris being in the Army, we never really know where or what we will be doing next. Well, that's pretty much all there is to know about us... so we will get to the recent events in our lives...

Cris tore his ACL back in December and had surgery on the 17th and is at the moment on con-leave, recovering. I just moved up here with him on the 11th. It's so nice to finally be moving in with him and being with him everyday! Anyways, then after that we moved into our base-house 23rd, the got Toby from the shelter on the 24th. So our lives here in Alaska are quickly moving along. Now we are getting by saving money for furniture to fill our slightly empty house, lol! Cris and I were laughing because one day, Cris was on the computer and I went into the kitchen and I yelled from the kitchen reminding him that he couldnt leave the milk out and it would be nice if he closed the cabinet doors... Cris and I began laughing when Cris said, "So, this is what married people talk about." We love the married life, haha! Well I need to go shovel our walk-way, it snowed about a foot and a half yesterday. But here are some pictures of our little family.... Thanks for reading :)

Love, Sam