Friday, May 8, 2009

Cris is on Staff Duty...

Today, Cris is on staff duty, which means he's on a 24 hour shift doing... whatever his sergeants tell him to go, I guess. It's kind of weird being home with just me and Toby but surprisingly I've been getting alot of stuff done. Like, I finally took pictures of the downstairs with everything unpacked!

Here's the Living Room (my favorite room in the house.)

This is the view of the TV on the couch. (nice, huh?)
(Thanks mom and dad :])

This is the Dinning Room. (at the moment its the computer room. lol)

Here is part of the Kitchen.

This is the other part of the Kitchen.
Surprisingly, this is the most used room in our house. lol!


Ladybug Diva said...

I LOVE the pictures of your home! Your living room is really looking nice! You need to send me the dimensions of your windows... curtains would really finish the room up. What do you want... some black & white to tie in with the pillows and accessories? And the TREE! It looks good beside the entertainment center (your welcome!). Your TV makes the entertainment center look nice too. That is so cool that it fits perfectly inside! Must have been meant to be. I should have sent the dining room table to you after all... I almost did, but you had said no. Oh well... I am sure that it is nice to have Cris right there in the dining room on the computer rather than hiding in the basement or upstairs in the guest room. I like having Dad in the family room because even if I am watching TV and he is on the computer... at least we are in the same room together. Your place is really looking nice baby! Nice kitchen too!

Anonymous said...

Looks great Sammers!

Love Momma N