Monday, May 4, 2009

Hike up Flattop Hill

Yesterday, was probably one of the coolest days ever! We decided with our friends, Amanda, Katy, and Josh that we would go on a hike up Flattop hill with our dogs, Bandit, Dozur, and Toby. It was so much fun but the higher we got the colder it got. It was about an house hike up and an hour down. Yes, Cris came too and actually did very well. He really didn't want to miss out on it and is glad he didn't stay home. The scenery from up there was absolutely amazing. And we had a great time. Ask for Toby, he was in doggy heaven. He stayed up front and lead the pack foward through everything. I was very proud of my little trooper and my other trooper Cris for sticking with us. The pictures don't even come close to explaining how awesome it was and the experience itself was just unexplainable.

It was alot of first for Toby and Dozur. This was the first time they have ever riden in the bed of the truck. I think they kind of enjoyed the wind in their faces. lol!

Bandit on the other hand, had done this before, lol!

We were only a quarter of the way up here. And it already looks amazing, so we decided it would be a good spot to stop, eat, and take some pictures. :]

This is me, Cris and Toby

Here is Josh and Cris.

This is Katy and Josh.

Amanda, Katy and me.

Amanda, Bandit, Katy, Dozur, Josh, Cris, me, and Toby.

This was the easier part of the hike. The rest was stair-like and rock climbing. After a while everyones knees where hurting and it started to get really cold but when we got to the top... it was more than worth the knee aches and stinging skin. lol!

This was from the very top.
Cris and I would like to take Toby on a monthly basis because goin up the mountain he was in front leading the way the entire time and he seemed to be in his element and was loving every mintue of the clumb.