Saturday, July 4, 2009

random thoughts...

so yesterday was alot of fun i got off from work at 4pm! yayy! lol and cris and I had a little get together at our house. well i was looking around and i realize that our house is about 97% finished! so i took some pics of the new stuff lol!!

yep we got a dinning room table and a computer desk!!

and after that i got bored and took some pics of me toby and lizzie lol!

yea toby i think is a bit of a camera whore.. i've taught him well. haha!

So lately I've been slightly obsessed with hello kitty stuff. lol, idk whyy but i think its cute! I mean have you seen my myspace?!?! haha! And I've been wanting to dye my hair again and idk if im gonna do something different or keep it the same.. im still in the process of growing my hair out again, lol! i miss my long hair!!! lol. I really have been wanting to dye a streak of my hair light blue! i think it would look oober cool!! kinda like this girls hair...

but just the bangs. not the whole top of my head. lol! i love puttin different colors in my hair... well i guess we will see what i do later on! lol