Friday, May 22, 2009

5 month Anni. and Toby gets a new toy!

Today, was mine and Cris's 5 month anniversary... and we still can't believe we are married, haha! Being married has (so far, lol) been and wonderful journey and an unforgettable experience. We've been together so long it seems like but after getting married we learn new things about each other everyday. Like Cris (for some odd reason) will put the syrup in the fridge!? Weird right?!? So to celebrate our 5 month anniversary, we went out to the mall, bought some new shirts for Cris, and dress and a cute shirt and some new underwear (due to the fact Toby has been eating my cute underwear.) and we went to Outback Steakhouse (had the alaskan crab and a brownie thing for dessert). Then we went and saw the new Star Trek movie! While Katy and Josh dog-sat Toby. We had a blast!! It was alot of fun to finally go out just me and Cris. We haven't been able to go on a date since the wedding because of the move and us being busy all the time.

And yesterday, Cris went to go grocery shopping and came back with gifts for Toby! haha! And he loves every new toy we bring home to him... he is definitely one spoiled (and more than happy) puppy. He doesn't know it yet, but on the 24th Toby gets one more new toy since it's is birthday! He will be 7 months old this month. And he has grown ssoooo much since we brought him home when he was only 5 months old (it really wasn't that long ago. lol)

Toby's new toy! He likes to support his Army daddy, haha!

Cris also got him some very much needed bones too, haha! he loves to play with his bone!


Ladybug Diva said...

I LOOOOVVVVEEE the video! LOL! Make some more! Plleeeaasssse! Toby has gotten so big! And he is so cute! I'm happy that you enjoyed yourself sweetie! Give Cris hugs & kisses for me!


henry said...

Ok, So first and foremost.. That duck, looks so like the duck in the movie Click. Funny. Yes star trek is and was an awesome movie. Cris tobys friend looks like jag.. (sigh miss him) Sam seriously you didnt know how to make quesidilla's lol congrats, your skill in cooking has increased by 1. Yeah arnt earthquakes crazy... Nalani,Cris and I have been through several including the northridge, california one. Im glad everything is going well. All that snow must be a huge change from Texas. hahaah lol.. was like 85 with 90% humidity in texas today. Well tammy told me about this blog thought i would check it out.. IT IS COOL. Good job.. Love ya all

Anonymous said...


Please post more pics of you and Crisifer-I miss you both!

Love ya,
Momma N